r   a   c   h   n   a         s   h   u   k   l   a         p   h   o   t   o   g   r   a   p   h   y

I always prefer to work in the studio. It isolates people from their environment. They become in a sense... symbolic of themselves. I often feel that people come to me to be photographed as they would go to a doctor or a fortune teller - to find out how they are.

           - Richard Avedon





i enter my dimly lit studio, and set it up for the sitter. when the studio lights are put on, the space in front of the backdrop gets filled with beautiful soft warm test lights - thats when the magic begins to unfold. as the sitter loosens up, the choreography between the sitter, lights and camera comes about. its a beautiful process when a connection is made between me and my sitter and she reveals her inner self to be captured by my lens.