Hi. I am Rachna Shukla. Thanks for visiting my site and viewing my work. 

I am a fine art photographer who loves to explore the beauty and order in things, people, places as they exist naturally, all around us. I photograph to capture and share the wonderful and fascinating life and world around me. Through my images I hope to reflect the transcendent, the fleeting, the oblivious, rendered within the frames of memory. 

I have been taking pictures for a long time now, first casually for pleasure and then more seriously after realizing that this is what I really love doing. Before deciding on being a full time photographer I was working with one of the top software companies, in the north west of U.S.A. During that time I enriched my skills by learning various aspects of fine art photography from some very accomplished artists, at the very old and renowned Pacific Northwest College of Arts, Portland, OR. But long before quitting a fulfilling IT job I knew very well that photography is my real calling and that is what I want to do eventually. With time, as right opportunities showed up that dream has been fulfilled! 

Other than my fine art projects, I love doing natural and studio portraiture of individuals or families, and artistic photographs for documentary purposes. I also do commercial work of interest, for clients ranging from small and upcoming business to multi billion MNCs. Occasionally I take classes and workshops on the technical and artistic aspects of photography. 

My first solo exhibition “Reminiscing through the Folds of Memory” brought fine photographic images of the austere beauty of rural India. My second solo exhibition 'Gwalior - A Song Forgotten' showcased the forgotten beauty and heritage of my home town Gwalior. My last solo exhibition 'The Fleeting Stillness' showcased some of my Landscapes, in Black-and-White, that provide moments of rest and quiesce to incessant and weary.


r   a   c   h   n   a         s   h   u   k   l   a         p   h   o   t   o   g   r   a   p   h   y